Is Atomic Wallet Being Dishonest With Staking/Rewards Cosmo Atom?

For the past 3 months, Atomic Wallet has not allowed users to claim staking rewards with Cosmo Atom. When asked about this issue they say they are “working on it.” However, no other wallet is having issues in this department.

Atomic Wallet is claiming that the staking reward for Cosmos Atom is 22%. However, when I brought this to the attention of a cryptocurrency forum that I belong to, the members unanimously stated that this claim is false and that the highest staking reward is around 15%.

Do you believe Atomic Wallet is being dishonest and deceiving it’s members?

Half of the time their node was in Jail and wasn’t earning.

Atomic Wallet has had a lot of problems in the past.

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You are probably better off moving to an open source wallet like Keplr. Atomic Wallet has had issues with people’s coins disappearing, etc. Atomic is a company in Estonia. It’s not exactly self-custody of your funds.

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