Notional's delegations program

Hey Archtect, we’ve got a call scheduled for eh, maybe 10 minutes from now maybe tuesday. Adding you to the twitter dm group for the delegation program, and we’re really happy to assist you with anything.

Our goal with our delegation program is to find the best, least appreciated validators, arm them with delegations (we have called these training wheels in the past) and also actively support the growth and maturity of their teams over time.

Since you’re a coder-validator, you’re a very natural fit.

I have to provide just one warning, and I’d prefer to do it publicly and directly:

We’re not currently delegating to anyone who’d support no/veto on prop 791. We feel that we need to make sure that cosmos does not become a festival of pointless lawsuits. If you’re strongly opposed to it, we may not be a fit. I’m also putting this here to model better ways of working for other orgs that make delegations, and want to ensure that their views on key issues are represented.

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Hi Jacob,

We would like to be independent on our governance decisions. I have a personal opinion about Prop 791 and also the duty to protect interest of our delegators on all chains. I have supported gyunit publicly and also donated to her legal defense fund. Those are my decisions and align with my values. I also support freedom of our developers to be able to contribute freely without the fear of unnecessary lawsuits. But as a validator when i am speaking for community, i am leaning towards No on prop 791. This doesn’t mean I will not support gyunit in future, or work towards freedom of our developers, I don’t see community pool spend is the right approach.

I knew this day will come when we will agree in principle, but disagree on method. This is ok and actually healthy for network to have differing opinions. I am sure we will find common ground on a lot of other topics and work together for overall success of Cosmos network.

I appreciate all the guidance and support you have provided so far. Always a blast to work together with you.

Thank You,


Good morning architect,

Yeah, so you know the thing is that I’m aware that there are other delegation programs or shall we say founding teams that place requirements on voting in order to receive a delegation and there are some matters on which I think it’s best that our team be really consistent, and so I wanted to do that in public and transparently, so that everybody knew and there’s no debate about it.

Thanks so much sir.

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Thanks Jacob. I understand and support consistency and transparency. Kudos to Notional for promoting it.

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Hey architect, I need to admit to you that I made a mistake here.

Here’s the thing, I have in general stopped the practice of saying hey, you don’t agree on this thing, you should redelegate…

I just remind participants in the community that they can override their validators vote.

I’m going to change policy because upon further reflection, I was simply wrong here.

Please let me know if the updated policy suits you, and if it does, we would be delighted to have you in our first cohort of validators, whether that is on the cosmo’s hub or on other chains.

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Hi Jacob…Yes I am good with updated terms.

Houston we have a GO. Excited to be part of this exclusive group of talented teams.


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Upon reading it again, this line caught my attention. I will make a case for 1 validator here.

Will you please add us to the Twitter DM?

Hey Jacob,

Gonna pitch Citizen Cosmos in a nutshell:

  • We contribute to the whole ecosystem, not just the hub
  • We contribute outside the ecosystem, which is important for the growth of all of the space
  • Our motivation is educational and communication. Our primary value: decentralization
  • Over the last 3/4 years we have created numerous working places in the Cosmos ecosystem and helped to motivate / influence several projects to kick off / start, including some of the larger names in the ecosystem today
  • We think outside the box and are not motivated by greed
  • We are striving towards 100% (owned) bare metal (main issue now - budget) and use a mix already
  • We dont give a ^&*% about tribalism and have balls
  • We have cookies
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Well, cookies should have been probably top of the list don’t you think?

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Cookies are awesome. We like cookies. The dark side has way better and tastier cookies

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Hey Jacob,
According to our conversation i come to you for GATADAO validator operations.

We are a bare metal validator who run multiple relayers : $ATOM / $JUNO / $OSMO / $TORI (as much as we can afford)

We run multiple validators : $ATOM / $OSMO / $JUNO / $FLIX / $EVMOS / $TORI / $NOMIC / $REBUS

Link to our Mintscan profil :

More than being a validator, our validator is owned by our community because we do give 50% of the commission to our NFT holders each month since inception (we started at stargaze Genesis launch more than a Year ago)

We’re struggling with delegation mostly on Osmosis and we would love a little help from you to climb up to the rank to secure our position.

I myself participate in the cosmos forum whenever I can or even when I find it useful.
We participate in governance as much as we can and we talk about governance issues with our community members.

Of course we produce social content, myself, as Cryptopital but also as a team.

We’re clearly in alignment with your values, because we strive for transparency and accountability for everyone (especially the hub) and we work to enhance the Cosmos space vision every day.

The more $OSMO we can get the better it will be !

Thanks again for your interest and help.

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Hello Jacob/Notional team!

I wanted to introduce you to Ping Dashboard, an open-source explorer and web wallet that has been utilized by numerous blockchain projects. Additionally, we have developed Ping Faucet, an open-source UI for faucet on the Cosmos blockchain.

We are currently seeking delegations on Cosmoshub and Osmosis. We would greatly appreciate your support and participation in our projects. Please let us know if you have any questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with.

Best regards,

Ping |

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Thank you so much ping, I’ll get you added to the group very soon.

Brief update concerning @DonCryptonium

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Thanks for the idea. Adding our application here also.

Most people know us about our relayer activity and delegator rescues, but we do quite a few different things in Cronos. All that we promised in our roadmap was already complete last summer.

About IcyCRO

IcyCRO is an unique community validator project started on / Cronos in August 2021. Our aim is to help the network, delegators and other validators.

Our own validators are always high level bare metal servers aiming for high uptime and security using Horcrux.

We will only validate few chains so can concentrate to them fully. CRO, ATOM, JUNO and soon we will add Stride also.

Delegator rescues

It started accidentally when one of our delegators had accidentally given his seed phrase to a fake site and the scammer got access to his wallet. Luckily 100k CRO was delegated so it takes 28 days to undelegate them. Delegator asked our help and we made a script that could be used on sentries to immediately transfer the funds to a safe wallet when undelegation was done. This operation ended happily and all funds were saved.

Since then we and our partners have rescued funds of huge amount of delegators saving at least $550k of funds. Some other validators have used our scripts in similar situations also.

This is a free service we have on CRO, ATOM, JUNO, EVMOS and STRIDE. For other networks we direct the victims to our partners.


We had quite an ambitious roadmap for the project. ICY token launch on Cronos, huge jackpots for ICY stakers, NFT game, expansion to Cosmos. In summer of 2022 we noticed we had completed our roadmap as the last missing thing was the ATOM validator.

No further expansions are planned after Stride and we concentrate on our current projects.


We have a six person team and you can find the details from:

Our code contributions

Delegation rescue scripts:
(not shared for the public as the dark side could use it).

A bit different backend for REStake:

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Super happy to have your application @icycro!

Your rescue services are the definition of legitimate. Let’s follow up in our twitter group :slight_smile: <3

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Jacob & Notional,

I want to start by saying it has been a pleasure working with Notional Labs on Migaloo.

Our team is reaching out for a potential delegation to our Cosmos-Hub validator. We have been validating within the Cosmos ecosystem for over a year now. We have used our validator rewards to actively take part in governance, seed our liquidity pools and fund our development.

We are experienced builders from Terra v1. We are currently working to solve the cosmos ecosystems’ current and future liquidity problems. We are creating the liquidity layer for the cosmos which will allow for decentralized interchain liquidity. Liquidity will not be siloed on one chain but dispersed where it is needed most. Ultimately, the location of liquidity will be abstracted away from users, however, our protocol will make sure that the liquidity is still where the user wants it when they want it. Our blockchain Migaloo will be the command center for the White Whale interchain liquidity protocol.

We like to believe we have learned a lot from Terra v1 and believe we are doing everything the right way.

  1. We are enormous proponents of open-source software. Everything our team develops that makes up Migaloo or the White Whale Protocol can be found at github /White-Whale-Defi-Platform/.
  2. We put builders first. As protocol builders, we understand the issues teams can have with communication and support from L1 teams. We have made Migaloo the most open welcoming place to build in the Cosmos.
  3. Iterating. We build quickly and have a dedicated and patient community that helps us iron out and even patch bugs themselves. We have community members actively developing the White Whale Front-End and White Whale Bots thanks to us being open source.

As a validator, we also make tooling specifically for validators:

Auto-claim bot: Schedule claims with Auth-z to claim and send your claims to a specific wallet on a regular basis.

Alerts for props you have voted on: Every validator has alert bots, but this bot alerts you specifically for props you haven’t yet voted on.

github /White-Whale-Defi-Platform/cosmos-automations/tree/main

For our validators, we use bare metal servers from HiveVelocity and Hetzner. We have monitoring prometheus/grafana and Tenderduty V2. We have team members across the world to respond to incidents 24/7. We have almost perfect voting participation since joining any active set we are in thanks to our voting reminder bot.

We believe with a Cosmos-hub validator, we will be given a voice in interchain matters that affect Migaloo and our protocol. We will be able to fund more development and ship at a faster pace. We will be able to deepen our liquidity of the apex asset in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Thanks for your consideration! We look forward to continuing our collaboration on Migaloo. :whale:

0xBobloblaw & White Whale Team

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