Notional's delegations program

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Jacob & Notional,

I want to start by saying it has been a pleasure working with Notional Labs on Migaloo.

Our team is reaching out for a potential delegation to our Cosmos-Hub validator. We have been validating within the Cosmos ecosystem for over a year now. We have used our validator rewards to actively take part in governance, seed our liquidity pools and fund our development.

We are experienced builders from Terra v1. We are currently working to solve the cosmos ecosystems’ current and future liquidity problems. We are creating the liquidity layer for the cosmos which will allow for decentralized interchain liquidity. Liquidity will not be siloed on one chain but dispersed where it is needed most. Ultimately, the location of liquidity will be abstracted away from users, however, our protocol will make sure that the liquidity is still where the user wants it when they want it. Our blockchain Migaloo will be the command center for the White Whale interchain liquidity protocol.

We like to believe we have learned a lot from Terra v1 and believe we are doing everything the right way.

  1. We are enormous proponents of open-source software. Everything our team develops that makes up Migaloo or the White Whale Protocol can be found at github /White-Whale-Defi-Platform/.
  2. We put builders first. As protocol builders, we understand the issues teams can have with communication and support from L1 teams. We have made Migaloo the most open welcoming place to build in the Cosmos.
  3. Iterating. We build quickly and have a dedicated and patient community that helps us iron out and even patch bugs themselves. We have community members actively developing the White Whale Front-End and White Whale Bots thanks to us being open source.

As a validator, we also make tooling specifically for validators:

Auto-claim bot: Schedule claims with Auth-z to claim and send your claims to a specific wallet on a regular basis.

Alerts for props you have voted on: Every validator has alert bots, but this bot alerts you specifically for props you haven’t yet voted on.

github /White-Whale-Defi-Platform/cosmos-automations/tree/main

For our validators, we use bare metal servers from HiveVelocity and Hetzner. We have monitoring prometheus/grafana and Tenderduty V2. We have team members across the world to respond to incidents 24/7. We have almost perfect voting participation since joining any active set we are in thanks to our voting reminder bot.

We believe with a Cosmos-hub validator, we will be given a voice in interchain matters that affect Migaloo and our protocol. We will be able to fund more development and ship at a faster pace. We will be able to deepen our liquidity of the apex asset in the Cosmos ecosystem.

Thanks for your consideration! We look forward to continuing our collaboration on Migaloo. :whale:

0xBobloblaw & White Whale Team

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Thank you so much good sir!

I will get you added to the delegations Twitter group shortly.

Would really love to take part in this program. We have been knocked out of the active set several times by centralized exchanges that some of which have multiple nodes. Just want to build awesome stuff on cosmos!

Crypto Dungeon

We are located in a data center in Iowa and have all our own hardware. Triple redundant internet connections and power supply backup. Have been at this since last July when we launched on stargaze and Juno and are now validating 8 chains including a new one which is launching very soon.

We are trying to be a positive force for cosmos and are building a live action role playing game that launches next month in November.

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Fantastic team. Mr Berman my private team members will like to work with you. Since the matter it’s all about business with Nation.