Odd Carryover Behavior Between Testnets

The following happened between gaia-7004 and gaia-7005 -

-Gaia-7004 went down

-I upgraded chainflow07 (sentry) and chainflow08 (validator) and brought them back online, leaving chainflow09 (validator connected through chainflow07) in its previous 7004 state.

-chainflow07 and chainflow08 appeared in the explorer, chainflow07 as a node and chainflow08 as a validator, as expected

-chainflow09 first appeared in the explorer as a validator for a bit, then a revoked validator

-chainflow09 was slashed, balance was 8.1 at end of 7004, now is 7.3

-I then upgraded chainflow09 and unrevoked, it appears as expected in the unrevoked validators on the explorer

Main question, why did chainflow09 show as a running validator, then get slashed, before I could upgrade it?

I think this happened cause I manually unrevoked all validators in genesis to work around

It was a work around to this bug which should be fixed in gaia-8000

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