Persistent connection between sentry and validator

After setting up both nodes, I called /dial_peers?persistent=true&peers=[] to my validator node from my sentry node. At first when the sentry node had a few peers, the validator node successfully connected the sentry node without a problem. But after a few hours when the sentry node was actively syncing, the validator node tried to reconnect to the sentry but it was unable to connect due to the sentry node blocking more peer connection since it seemed reached max_num_peers maybe?

So my point is that can’t the persistent peers be an exception to any max peers limitations? Even if the destination peer has maximum number of peers, it should receive peers if the destination peer has the source peer as private_peer_ids or persistent_peers or make an peer exception configuration on config.toml.

Also I hope the persistent_peers has its own file as addrbook.json. When I call /dial_peers?persistent=true, the persistent peer seems temporary(gone when the node restarts). Why don’t we make persistent_peers.json and when we call /dial_peers?persistent=true, we should save it to persistent_peers.json. So we can automatically reconnect to persistent peers even if we restart gaiad.