Predictive analytics in the long term and invest


I buy atom from Coinbase and stake it up aswell. Everything is good, thank you.

I was looking for ML Engineers, Data Scientists, and officials financial analysts for predictive analytics in the long term.

CoinCheckup analytic sound ok, a bit generic for me.
Youtubers are in for the show and click baits.
Due to the market cycle, market makers, whales move.
A clear disadvantage is that Linear Regression oversimplifies many real-world usages.
So if you have some model or material, please share it, in public or private, or ask for funds rewards.

My opinions are my own.
Exit scams and the weak projects will slowly fade and may be back in the bull run cycle.
The best useful projects with engagement, confidence, transparency will lead the way for crypto or no crypto people, reaching a broader audience, by removing the entry barrier of complexity like Terra did in Korea and Mongolia.

It is ok to cash out on top using the market cycle. Or future trade if we have a different opinion on the real fair value.

I will invest, focus, in the long term, successful, relevant audited, useful projects.