[PROPOSAL #187][ACCEPTED] V9 Lambda upgrade (with Replicated Security)

Voting power based. So 2/3 of the total voting power (thus staked ATOM)

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How long is the voting period for such proposal?
And how long it the “preparation” period, so validators can set up the consumer chain nodes?

Same parameters as other governance proposals - 2 week voting period.

The ‘preparation period’ lasts as long as it takes for 2/3 of the set to bring nodes online, since there is no penalty until the chain is live. To the best of my knowledge, there’s no time-based parameter for how long validators have to come online.

There is a “spawn time” in the replicated security proposal. The consumer chain can start after this time passes. So an extra preparation time could be built in by setting the spawn time to some time after the end of the voting period.

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Hi everyone, we’ve decided to update RS to make some forms of slashing for offenses on consumer chains less automated in this first release to ensure the safety of the Hub. You can read about it here: Slashing updates in replicated security

This should not have any effect on the safety or liveness of consumer chains.


I thought this upgrade was supposed to include the Liquid Staking Module. Was the LSM cut from the roadmap or pushed down the road?

Can anyone tell me why Inter-chain Security was changed to Replicated security? The name may be a better descriptor of the mechanism, however the change causes confusion? Who signed off on the name change and how was it justified?

Jehan’s note in the post explains the change in terminology.

“ICS v1” requires the full Cosmos Hub validator set (or at least more than 2/3). For each Consumer Chain launched the Cosmos Hub validator set is replicated in full to run that chain. Hence Replicated Security. I don’t know who signed off or what the deliberation process was. While it may be confusing to the public initially Replicated Security is arguably more correct to explain how the system works.

This Informal Systems blog post that compares Replicated Security and Mesh Security is helpful to understand what is meant by “Interchain Security is the name for a family of protocols.”

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It does not include the Liquid Staking Module. There are several reasons for this.

First, we drastically cut down the release late last year to focus purely on shipping Replicated Security. I think this was the right choice.

Second, the LSM does not actually enable liquid staking. All it does is make it so that delegators can transfer their stake to liquid staking providers without having to wait to unbond their coins, potentially making adoption of liquid staking quicker. Liquid staking works without the LSM.

We will have to see how much community demand there is for the LSM to know how to prioritize it in upcoming releases.


We had been using terminology like “v1, v2, v3” to describe various types of Interchain Security, but this is not a great naming practice and was getting confusing. We are going to use descriptive names from now on, such as “Replicated Security”, “Opt-in Security” and “Mesh Security”.

We honestly should have cleaned up the naming earlier, but we figured it’s better late than never. Sorry for any confusion.


We will have to see how much community demand there is for the LSM to know how to prioritize it in upcoming releases.

Difficult part here is a bit how to measure this. What is “enough demand”?
And is that not a chicken-egg story? Because I can imagine a lot of people hold back on liquid staking their assets, due to the unbonding period and the loss of APR in that time period. So if funds can be moved freely adoption might drastically increase for LSDs.

A few respondents have asked about bugs found during Game of Chains and during the Replicated Security persistent testnet. I’ve compiled a list with links out to issues and commentary on Github, for the more technically inclined.

maybe it would also break the ICS (Interchain Standards) acronym. x)

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This proposal is a draft and we will be modifying and clarifying it according to feedback received here before putting it on chain.

from a timing perspective, when can we expect the prop to be on-chain? Doesn’t look like there’s much more additional feedback since this draft has been up for nearly 2 months

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We are just dealing with some release issues. Was supposed to go live tomorrow, might be pushed to Thursday or beyond if we are unlucky.


I still consider the fact that validators cannot opt-out as a major risk for institutional adoption as mentioned in this thread Preparing for Replicated Security - #29 by BuilderBot.

Am I the only one who sees an issue here? Ofc, if institutional adoption is not the goal then please ignore it.

In short, what if a consumer chain token can be classified as a security? Custodial stakers or stakers operating in a similar legal environment might be forced to exit the Cosmos Hub then.

I would say that there is a general opt-out in this situation. If a consumer chain token is deemed a security, and institutional investment feels threatened that they’ll have to exit the system due to receiving a tokenized security as a reward. We as a community have the general ability, and right to vote the chain in question, out of ICS. The Governance gate works both ways.

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We are on chain with voting period ending 2023-03-07 12:08:29 UTC.