[PROPOSAL #36][ACCEPTED] Delay of Stargate Upgrade

:atom_symbol::classical_building: CosmosGov Proposal #36 :classical_building::atom_symbol:
Delay of Hub Stargate Upgrade for approximately 2 weeks

is now in :green_circle: Voting Period :green_circle:

"The Stargate team is recommending that the Cosmos Hub reschedule the next upgrade to a new commit hash.
The new commit hash is expected to be available on Tuesday, Jan 26th with a new upgrade proposal immediately after.

This governance proposal will signal that proposal 35 will not be executed.
The Hub governance will vote on the forthcoming proposal aiming for a final upgrade.
The earliest target date would be February 11th.
Given that Lunar New Year is on Feb 12th.
The next best date is Feb 18th 06:00UTC.

We are recommending the delay for the following reasons.

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