[Proposal #792][ACCEPTED] Launch Neutron on Replicated Security

First I’m not USA Citizenship and i’m not live in USA. Hope don’t ban to USA citizens to claim there airdrop because USA citizens are big part of our Comos Hub community and maximum Usa Atom staker are stake big amounts of Atom for long time. Second Do rektdrop everyone who eligible get same amount of token. So whale staker are not manipulated token price because everyone get same amount token. If Neutron not able to do rektdrop for Atom stakers so do Rektdrop for proposal #72 voter who vote proposal everyone get same amount token. Last Don’t Give vesting period for airdrop token unlocked 100℅ of token when claim is live and when claim period is end unclaimed token claw back to community fund.

sorry, might be a bit confusing its a great project but we user waiting for neutron airdrop and i want that you should give us a rekthdrop and i would be great thing ever in crypto history

The way i see it $NTRN has not a economically feasible tokonomics for the infrastructure providers. We can revise it in the future? Yes. Because we have to test the modal first.

I also realize, it is not what we have expected but we have to start from somewhere.

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Totally fine with me, this is how governance works, if people are not happy with the decision they can move with their money

Neutron’s token launch plan is well-designed and balances the risk early stakeholders are taking with the opportunity for anyone to accumulate ownership and voting power over time. ATOM holders will subsidize the security, taking a risk on Neutron’s success, so it makes sense to focus on their support in the proposal.

  1. Removing CEXs: Discouraging centralized pooling of assets is not a bad thing. There have been lots of exchange issues over the past year, and anyone should be able to delegate to high-quality infrastructure without pooling. Not having control over your coins can lead to major headaches if tokens end up in the wrong hands due to exchange hacks or bankruptcy.

  2. Focusing on ex-US: Unfortunately, the present regulatory climate makes it necessary to focus on ex-US users. It’s important to contact your representatives and ask them to be more supportive of innovation and opportunity in crypto.

  3. Ownership: Investor plus team ownership at 34% is in line with Stargate and materially better than the recent Arbitrum plans of 44.5%. The team will not have voting power for a year and then only partial voting power through a 3-year unlock, which is notable compared to other plans. This will allow community voices to be powerful in any modifications and upgrades post-launch.

  4. Opportunities: With nearly 60% of the active supply in the hands of aligned recipients of the airdrop and another 5% scheduled to be available in liquid pools, there is ample opportunity to get involved. Often, the most frustrating thing is not having the opportunity to be an early adopter absent secondary markets. Lastly, anyone, anywhere can use the protocol.

Overall, I think the Neutron team did a nice job with the plans, especially the long-term focus and flexibility for the DAO. They faced some tough decisions, but there will always be complaints about airdrop structures a priori. I’m excited to see how it all plays out.


Great job @Neutron in the initial proposal plus updating the proposal. Two suggestions:

1. Grace Period for opt-out validators in bottom 5%

Great job here :point_up: as the economics of staking is key to longer-term sustainability. If we didn’t put this clause into the scope, then it would be economically deteriorating, compounded over time, for the node operators who hasn’t earned enough just yet.

Meanwhile, here’s an edge case to consider – when a whale delegator (maybe ICF delegates a huge sum to a few bottom 5% operators), is there a grace period for them to 1) realize the windfall, 2) understand Neutron, 3) start the Neutron chain and catch up … like maybe a couple of weeks?

2. For Voter Airdrop, also include voters in upcoming Proposal

For the airdrops mentioned above and the newly updated proposal coming up on Apr 12th-26th, I’d strongly advocate to be more inclusive in having both Prop 72 voters and the upcoming proposal voters as part of the airdrop. :thinking:

So as validators, we shall receive email regarding this? Or where should we keep track?

Information on this is in the Cosmos Network Discord (Cosmos Network) in the #replicated-security channel and ICS announcements channel. Feel free to DM me on Discord (Lexa Michaelides#1481) to get the Replicated Security role and stay in the loop.


Meanwhile, here’s an edge case to consider – when a whale delegator (maybe ICF delegates a huge sum to a few bottom 5% operators), is there a grace period for them to 1) realize the windfall, 2) understand Neutron, 3) start the Neutron chain and catch up … like maybe a couple of weeks?

I’d recommend that all validators participate in the Replicated Security testnet so that they already know about Neutron and are familiar with the technology if and when they rise up in the set. The downtime window means that there will be the same grace period as any other validator experiencing downtime - likely a few days, before running the chain will be mandatory. I think KysenPool participated in Game of Chains but is not currently on the Replicated Security testnet! If you’d like to join, the info is here and you can DM me on Discord to get help :slight_smile: We’d love to have you and it’s a great way to stay informed about new developments in ICS.


Thank you for the feedback! Including voters on the proposal to launch Neutron into the airdrop would not be technically practical, because this data would need to be included into the genesis file which, itself, needs to be included in the proposal. Since we cannot predict who will vote before the proposal is live, I think it’s best to just stick to airdropping based on past event to limit how the airdrop affects the course of the governance process :slightly_smiling_face:

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The public Consumer Chain Launch Rehearsal on the Hub’s Replicated Security testnet is about to start. If you are a Hub validator and want to practice launching Neutron in production-like conditions, now is your chance. Instructions are on the Cosmos Hub’s discord (replicated security section): Discord

Assuming the chain successfully launches today, we’ll be conducting the full set of test on the rehearsal chain throughout tomorrow. Positive results would open the door to the publication of the on-chain proposal :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: We have blocks :partying_face:

Edit 2: The chain has halted after ~800 blocks due to a bug. That’s what testnets are for :man_shrugging:
We’ll investigate and provide an update tomorrow.

Edit 3: The bug has seemingly been identified. An update will be provided tomorrow.


As the team mentioned they are looking for alternative ideas for the fee sharing model its good but in the meantime the users will flock to bigger validators. As mentioned earlier

this will make the situation worse. Should we wait for a little bit longer to have a viable solution.
2. Initially the Neutron will be a net negative for the hub both economically and on centralization parameters. Is it possible in the future that neutron can leave the hub when their governance makes such proposals. Do we have any say in that(the hub).
3. In your tokenomics docs you have mentioned for two grants 10% each of the entire supply for growth. Do you guys have any alternative if that doesn’t passes.
if those props passes most of it will do to the founders as they are going to be the core members doesn’t it risk decentralization. Can we have a fee sharing module for Dapps like juno.

@Spaydh hi, any update on that matter?

can you share explorer link, to see the validators who took part in the rehearsals?

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Update on the public rehearsal:

  • Rehearsal-1 (Neutron) successfully launched
  • A bug on the Provider chain led Rehearsal-1 to halt at block 779

The bug that led to the halt has been identified and replicated. It allowed an incorrect validator set to be passed from the Provider to the Consumer, leading CometBFT/Tendermint to panic.

A consumer-side patch has already been developed and will be deployed on testnet shortly. A provider-side patch will likely be needed, and may require a coordinated network upgrade.

The bug prematurely ended the tests that were being conducted on Rehearsal-1. Two additional rehearsals will therefore be organized:

  • Public rehearsal: Thursday 13th of April
  • Final rehearsal: Tuesday 18th of April, 4PM UTC

Every Cosmos Hub validator is warmly encouraged to participate in the final rehearsal next week to ensure consumer chain launches are as smooth and successful as possible. You may join through the Cosmos Network discord in the #replicated-security-testnet channel. Ask @lexa, @uditvira or @dante for the “ICS” and “Replicated Security” roles if your team does not already have it

This, unfortunately, will cause a slight delay to the proposal going on-chain. Assuming the final rehearsal is successful, the proposal should go live next week.

Huge thanks to the @HyphaCoop and Replicated Security teams at @informalinc for their rapid response and support in identifying and resolving the issue.

Replicated Security is a new, bleeding-edge technology, which should be handled with care. Every bug found on testnet makes the Hub and all consumer chains safer. Rehearsal-1 has just saved a future consumer chain from an unexpected halt.


You can see the list of validators on the testnet here: Ping Dashboard

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Centralized entities who want NTRN are welcome to buy the tokens from community members :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for the update.

It is good that the bug was found. I am sure everyone appreciates why this rightly moves the timeline back.

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I’ve written a Swiss booklet for this proposal with help from @Spaydh and @uditvira. The intent is to build on the fine governance work started by Sacha Saint-Leger and address some of the common questions I’ve seen arise on the forum and elsewhere on this proposal.


Another rehearsal was successfully held yesterday. The bug has been been successfully crushed :slightly_smiling_face:


The final rehearsal of Neutron’s launch is set to take place on Tuesday 18th of April, 4PM UTC. The proposal is expected to be submitted on-chain shortly afterwards if the rehearsal is successful.

Every Cosmos Hub validator is warmly encouraged to participate in the final rehearsal next week to ensure consumer chain launches are as smooth and successful as possible.

You may join through the Cosmos Network discord in the #replicated-security-testnet channel. Ask @lexa, @uditvira or @dante for the “ICS” and “Replicated Security” roles if your team does not already have it.

Announcements and important reminders will be posted in the Interchain Security announcements channel

Information for all the testnet chains is available in the testnets repository.

For newcomers to the replicated security testnet, first get some tokens from the faucet.

Then with those tokens, join the provider chain as a validator by following these instructions.

A proposal to launch Neutron on the testnet will be published with the spawn time for the rehearsal chain set to April 18, 4PM UTC. It will include details of the final binary and a partial genesis file (without “CCV state”, i.e., cross-chain validation state) in the testnets repository. At the spawn time, the final genesis will become available. This will also be published to the testnets repository, along with seeds and peers.

After the spawn time has been reached, validators can start their neutron binaries with the final genesis file, updated to include the final CCV state. Once blocks are being produced, a relayer between the two chains (provider and rehearsal chain) will be started by our team. Anyone else may also choose to run a relayer, but this is not required. Once the relayer is running, the correct propagation of validator set changes will be verified. Validators can themselves verify this with the neutrond q tendermint-validator-set command

If validators join earlier that day, Hypha will attempt to decentralize the stake on the testnet so that we can more closely replicated the mainnet launch event.