[Proposal] We made new Cosmos sdk js

Hello, everyone.

I am Hiroaki Joya, spokesperson for LCNEM Inc.

We made new wrapper library of Cosmos sdk, but unfortunately, nobody looked at our pull request.

This is wrapper library of Cosmos sdk which helps user to manipulate it by frontside more confortable.

What was cosmos sdk js(byLCNEM) built for?

Cosmos sdk has both a blockchain interface and an app interface, but since it can’t be manipulated from the frontside as it is, so it’s built in TypeScript. We have brought only the necessary parts such as class definitions from Cosmos sdk.

■common… TypeScript like a utility
■cosmos-sdk… type definitions of Cosmos sdk
■Tendermint… type definitions of Tendermint

□We chose Not JavaScript, but TypeScript ,because its clear type definitions and ease of maintainance .
□The amino implementation was not needed on the frontside, so we wanted a lightweight design.

These help increase Cosmos sdk’s external influence.

By the way, I’ll write our mission under this paragraph.

Our philosophy is to increase economic welfare through fintech with blockchains. The means are to spread the idea of incentive mechanism design and to realize Narrow Bank. We are developing the first stable coin business in Japan.

There is also a block chain wallet with an intuitive and easy-to-use UI.

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