Replicated Security (Part I) Balancing Security in a Shared Cosmos

Hi all,

This essay is long overdue but thought I would share it here since I’ve been discussing this issue with many of you in the forums and offline. Thanks to many of the folks who gave it a first review including @Elijah @FelixLts @RoboMcGobo

Link to article: ATOM’s Highwire Act: Balancing Security in a Shared Cosmos | Medium

We go “0 to 1” and “1 to 10” in this article so hopefully there is something for everyone.

  • “0 to 1” - Introduction to Hub minimalism, shared security and Replicated Security (mental model)
  • “1 to 10” - Discussions around the benefits and challenges of the current Replicated Security framework (as I understand it)

I’ll be posting a separate article in the coming days around proposals I think would make Replicated Security more attractive to developers/teams while also aligning incentives across the multiple stakeholders included in the RS network (ATOM stakers via the Cosmos Hub, consumer chains, and validators).

Hope you enjoy and looking forward to your positive and negative criticisms on twitter or in the comments section.


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