Seed mode connectivity issues

Hello all,

I’m trying to create a local network of 4 validators, and a seed node.

In the seed node I have the following configuration

addr_book_strict = false
seed_mode = true
pex = true

In validators, I have the following configuration:

addr_book_strict = false
seeds = "SeedNodeID@IP:26656"
pex = true

Using this configuration, the validator nodes cannot talk to each other and I receive the following error

E[2020-03-23|17:10:32.025] Stopping peer for error                      module=p2p peer="Peer{MConn{} f792567c74752953f587f6ae087aca24697eda57 out}" err=EOF

If I use seed_mode = false at the seed node, then all validator nodes can talk via the seed node.

It seems that the seed node isn’t transmitting peer exchange information.

Any ideas on this issue? Can we use a seed node for network bootstrap or we have to use persistent_peers for connectivity?

Thanks a lot!