Smart Contract in Tendermint

Hi guys,

is it possible to create smart contracts using tendermint? can this be done using the LotionJS framework or another?

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Yes, there’s lots of smart contract solutions built on Tendermint. See this article for a summary:

If you want to use the Cosmos-SDK, there are already three options:

  • Ethermint - supports the EVM (solidity) from the Cosmos-SDK
  • Agoric - uses Agoric’s secure subset of Javascript for smart contracts
  • CosmWasm - uses WASM as a virtual machine in the Cosmos-SDK

So basically that allows you to use any of Solidity (EVM), Javascript (Agoric), and Rust (for WASM) as smart contract languages.

I’m not sure if there is support for any smart contracting languages from LotionJS yet. But it might also be the case that you can just write the application you need in JS using LotionJS, and avoid a virtual machine/smart contracts all together!

There’s also Kadenamint, which supports Kadena’s Pact smart contract language on Tendermint, though this system is in Haskell and doesn’t use any standard framework like the Cosmos-SDK.

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Many thanks for the reply!

If you know, which of these solutions is in a stable state? that is, has it already been implemented and tested?

thanks again.

All three of Agoric, CosmWasm, and Ethermint are in quite advanced states, under active maintenance and testing.

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