SOLVED: YubiHSM2 Minimal Capabilities for Signing

Key 0x0001 has the Validator Consensus key, so tmkms.toml is for now as

auth = { key = 1, password_file = "/path/to/pword" }
keys = [{ chain_ids = ["cosmoshub-2"], key = 1 }]

The file pword contains the YubiHSM master password. I need to have another auth key (such as operator) that can sign with the validator consensus key, so that I can specify this auth key in tmkms.toml and leave only the password for it (not the master password) in the KMS machine.

What are the minimum capabilities required by this 2nd auth key in order to accomplish this?

PS: I generated the validator consensus key in software in a brand new machine, imported it into the HSM, and wiped it from the disk of the machine where it was generated. I keep a copy of this key in an airgapped (very well encrypted) password safe. Since I only have 1 YubiHSM for now, I need to have a copy of the key to be able to switch validation from the main to one of the spare nodes in case of disaster. Am I missing something or is this the only route when you only have 1 YubiHSM?


Note there is a fully automated setup feature which automatically generates a suggested role configuration with appropriate capabilities per authentication key:

If you would prefer to create a bespoke configuration, you can find the default list of capabilities the above automation provides listed here:

However note that of those, the sign-ecdsa capability (0x80) is the only one that really matters.

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All set, thanks again Tony!

I decided to simplify the roles and auth-keys stored and used only 1 signing key, 2 auth keys.

For reference, this is the cmd used for creating the 2nd authkey:

put authkey <session-id> <key-id, 2> tmkms-auth all sign-ecdsa,sign-eddsa,sign-attestation-certificate,get-log-entries sign-ecdsa,sign-eddsa,sign-attestation-certificate,get-log-entries <password>

And here’s another suggested auth key role setup.

My problem is solved, but the one question is left:

Is importing a software generated key the only route when you only have 1 YubiHSM and might need to validate from a machine that does not have access to the HSM? I assume yes because it is only exportable under wrap.

Yes, plaintext keys only go into the YubiHSM, they don’t come back out

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