Stake your ATOM and partner with us at Blocks United!

Hey Cosmonauts, we’re Blocks United and thrilled to be an ATOM validator. :boom:
When you delegate your tokens to Blocks United, you’re staking with 2 lifelong friends who love crypto with a passion. Justin has a software engineering background and handles our programming and tech. Matt comes from traditional finance and also happens to be a wedding minister. He handles Blocks United’s social, outreach and customer service.

We’re constantly striving to learn more and be better human beings. Come along for the ride!

You can connect with us on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, YouTube, Telegram and our website.

Here’s our node’s page on mintscan.

Our validator nodes are hosted in a Canadian data center, are bare metal machines (Not VM) and are protected by firewalls and sentries. Our private keys are held in Keplr and backed up using an encrypted password manager and written on paper that’s locked away in a safe.

We really strive to offer quality customer support and view our delegators as partners. Plus, we do our best to educate new crypto investors. Check out our posts:
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We think it’s so important that blockchains remain decentralized and that huge validators aren’t allowed to become security and voting risks to the network. Institutional money is flowing into the space at an ever increasing rate and buying up infrastructure. We believe it’s the “mom and pop shops” like us at Blocks United that keep networks decentralized.

Along with the team at Secure Secrets, we proposed and promoted increasing the active ATOM validator set from 150 to 175 active validators. This was to lower the barrier to entry so that voting power could be spread out among more nodes, thus increasing decentralization. We’re glad to say that proposal 66 passed!

Remember, only ACTIVE validators earn block rewards. And we’re proud to say that we have a positive and collaborative relationship with other validators.

At the time, proposal 66 brought the cost down from over $1,000,000 in ATOM tokens to get into the active validator set, to only $3000 worth of ATOM tokens. That meant that almost anyone with the right skills could spin up a validator node and earn block rewards. Since then, the cost to get into the active set has increased to over $200,000 worth of ATOM tokens. :persevere: It’s competitive!

We actively monitor Cosmos governance and vote on all proposals. Rest assured that your tokens will have a vote.

We also keep track of Cosmos airdrops and send emails out to subscribers that include project details, token symbol, snapshot dates, who’s eligible, how to claim and how to stake. You’re welcome to register for the airdrop list here.

We’d love to have you as a staking partner. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below or reach out to us using the contact form on our website. Thanks!


Great work on the governance proposal.

Also I’m super glad to hear that you use bare metal servers. Please note that if you happen to own those servers and can take photos of them, you can join the bare metal alliance, which is an advocacy group that I helped start.

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Right on. We appreciate the invitation. We rent the servers, but thanks!


I hear you. We rent some too.

Because I’m pretty passionate about advocating fully owned bare metal, here is our spec: