Stride Host Chain Delegation Program Results and LSM Requirements

Hey everyone!

The Stride host chain delegation program selection process for the Cosmos Hub has been completed, and the results will be on chain on Stride soon so that the redelegations can begin. However, before that happens, we need to make sure that all selected validators have an adequate validator bond to be able to accept the delegations that will be moved to them.

I’ve created this spreadsheet, which I will update several times daily with updated numbers.

This shows the number of ATOM that each selected validator needs to have validator bonded to them in order to accept Stride’s redelegations. It is strongly recommended to vaidator bond at least 20% more ATOM than what is required in this spreadsheet to account for the fact that Stride’s delegations have been drastically increasing since the LSM went live.

  • Validators highlighted in green have enough validator bonded to them to accept delegations, plus at least a 20% safety margin
  • Validators highlighted in yellow have enough validator bonded to them to accept delegations but have not met the 20% safety margin. These validators are likely to be unable to accept all of the ATOM delegated to them in the near future.
  • Validators highlighted in red do not have enough delegations to accept Stride’s redelegations

Please share this post with anyone you can to spread the word, but especially to the following validators (who are currently either red or yellow):

  • Forbole
  • Keplr
  • Citizen Cosmos
  • Jabbey
  • Cosmos Spaces
  • Enigma

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process. Particularly to the Cosmos Hub community members who served on the council. As a reminder, these were:

Lexa (Hypha Coop) -

Crypto Cakir (Stake and Relax) -

EffortCapital (Blockworks) -

Damien (SimplyStaking) -

Long (Notional) -

More details on the results can be found here: Commonwealth

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Tagging Citizen Cosmos (@serejandmyself) - congrats on being part of the set!


Hello from Citizen Cosmos! We have several questions according to the situation with amount of selfbond. Can You help us please? Is it working, when validator have bonded one amount of tokens for being eligible receiving LSM providers delegations, and then he wants to increase a number of self-bonded tokens, but do it from another wallet?

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