Tendermint as Consensus Mecanism

Hi guys.

What are the advantages of using tendermint as a consensus mechanism over existing platforms such as ethereum and fabric?

like flexibility and …


For a review of the general Byzantine Fault Tolerant POS mechanism of Tendermint and its superiority over e.g. POW systems please see Tendermint: Consensus without Mining.
Hyperledger Fabric is a public permissioned blockchain so it is in effect different in scope.
Ethereum is POW transitioning to POS.
POW algorithms, require vast amounts of computing power and are energy-intensive. So, as time passes, the processing power and energy requirements increase making them impractical within e.g. a business context.
Even with Tendermint POS though you will have to specify in what context you intend to use it so that you explore its advantages/disadvantages over other mechanisms.

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