Tendermint Inc unbonding process update

The design decision behind Tendermint’s consensus algorithm prioritizes safety and finality over liveness. Here, at Tendermint Inc, we apply the same exact principle when dealing with processes related to high level security protocols.

On 15th April, Tendermint Inc. announced that it is working on the process of unbonding the atoms as a first plan for a new delegation plan.
Since we want to assure that all the necessary safety conditions are met, we decided to take a little more time to make sure the unboding and multisig migration processes are aligned with security best practices.

We are working diligently to finalize these steps so that we can follow up with our delegation plan.

Have you signed up yet? Here is the google form. Hurry up, we’ll be closing applications on the 26th April.

Onwards cosmonauts!


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Filled the form as well :wink:

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HI Adriana

Any idea when will the results of this selection will be published?

Any update?
New ceo still planning continue this?
Long time but any update so far.