Theta Upgrade is still expected in the official Roadmap

In the official Cosmos Hub Roadmap The Cosmos Hub Roadmap 2.0 | Cosmos Hub the Theta Upgrade referred as still expected !?.. (expected in the Q1 2022). I think it’s important to correct this mistake immediately, we are talking about the official roadmap of the Cosmos Hub.

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Thanks for the heads up! Doc updates often end up low on the priority list :slight_smile:

The great thing about an open source project like this is that if you see an issue you can actually open a PR to fix it yourself (this is what I did - Doc update - added Theta completion date by LexaMichaelides · Pull Request #1540 · cosmos/gaia · GitHub). If you are interested in helping maintain documents with accurate and up-to-date information I’d encourage you to go for it.