Top Projects in DeFi Webinar

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:wave: Hi folks,

Hope you enjoyed our previous sessions on emerging technologies and industry-relevant skills.
We are back with another insightful session on ‘Top projects in DeFi’ with Karen New.

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Top projects in DeFi

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Karen New

Karen New mission is to brew an organic crypto generation (OCG) with comics on the impact of blockchain to our life. In 2016, she is the first in Singapore to write a book on cryptocurrency, New Assets - Ride on the cryptocurrency wave!. In Nov 2019, she launch the worlds 1st Comics on Blockchain, Bitcoin and Banking. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus. Currently, she serves as the CEO of BitDNS that provides the next generation of DNS. She strongly believes complete decentralisation starts with a censorship resistant domain name.

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23rd Sept 2020 | Wednesday | 4:00 PM :clock5: (IST)

:dart: Agenda
This virtual session is focused on DeFi. Karen will give you an overview of all of the top projects in DeFi.

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