Tuckermint - A Radically Decentralized Alternative to Tendermint


A small group of democracy loving individuals from the Cosmos Telegram channel have banded together to form a more perfect union, free of centralization and the tyranny of corrupt whales.

We are creating an alternative to the Tendermint Cosmos Hub, called Tuckermint.
We are also creating an alternative to the Polkadot relay chain, called Tuckerdot.

We will limit the token balance of each address to 1% of the total supply.
We will reduce slashing penalties to 0% for both double signing and downtime.
We will connect to the Cosmos Hub via IBC and show them true decentralization.
Tuckerdot will allow unlimited parachains for free or the lowest possible price.

We are aiming for full ledger support.

We are starting with an ERC-20 token, now live on Ethereum Mainnet.

Here is the token contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x8bde81dd5e30b058b71362b50fad06e3fdace640

The ERC-20 token will convert directly to TuckerAtoms and TuckerDots.

Please let me know if you’re interested in contributing to our radical democratic experiment.

Thank you for your support.


Nice this is gonna be explode


Can you elaborate on why you say Cosmos is centralized?

Also what do you mean by tyranny of corrupt whales?

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Probably because of this https://mobile.twitter.com/CryptoTrotter/status/1177060076349079553


Why set the slashing percent to 0%? How does that help with decentralization?


0% slashing means that the incompetence of powerful validators cannot harm the innocent delegators. This means that average users won’t be scared to stake, increasing the userbase of the network. This is similar to FDIC insurance, in that the failure of large institutions will not financially ruin average individuals.


0% slashing means that the incompetence of dumb delegators will be harmed by powerful validators via double spend :slight_smile:

There are many ways around this issue.
We may use a trusted set of validators or something similar.


Decentralization and “trusted set of validators” don’t really gel well…


If you have a trusted set of validators you actually do not need to use Tendermint or any other BFT consensus. Just use a distributed database :slight_smile:


When the distribution?

That’s bullshit… . at all

I just created a new version of the testnet contract with bulkMint functionality.
So token distribution is ready to go.

After signups close today, I will start preparing the mainnet launch.
It shouldn’t take long, maybe a few days.

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I’m proud of you Tuck


Suggesting to open telegram community.
This gonna be big. Just shared by Twitter handle @ReyRhett, one of rich crypto owner and they giving away his Crypto Money for free.

Just a minor pedantic note - Tendermint isn’t a particular blockchain, so you can’t fork its state.

Maybe you intend to fork the Cosmos Hub?


We’re spinning up a new chain, the state will not be based on the existing token balances on Cosmos Hub.

It’s really an alternative to the Tendermint ecosystem, not a simple fork.
Specific technology choices are not yet crystallized.

We are watching all POS / IBC developments, including ETH 2.0, Polkadot, and Cosmos.


What is the total supplay

The total supply is one billion TUCK


Who are you JaeKwonsCC :thinking: