Use nametoken as staketoken

I want to create an account without staketoken separately instead I want to use my nametoken as staketoken.I tried editing the genesis file but no solution for this yet.

if can replace all staketoken with YOURTOKEN in genesis. or you can edit genesis generate code which has hardcode the denom as “stake”.

I tried,replaced staketoken parameter with my custom token.It throws error then while collecting genesis txs as insufficient fund for delegation

gentx --amount=10000000YOURTOKEN …

fbd gentx --name jack --amount 100000fbtoken
ERROR: account firstbloodaccaddr1aqsmf6xzq0gg0fzhdy6h5re8jtvrugcqqe6amv is in genesis, but it only has 0fbtoken available to stake, not 100000fbtoken

before this you need execute:

add-genesis-account …

this are the steps i have followed correct me if am wrong.

I got that thanks figured it out

you add-genesis with token:“fbx” and gentx with “fbtoken” , You need put the same token name on both.