Validator consenus &private key replacement implementation

Hi, in light of the recent take down of notional validators, I think it’s a good chance to share an implementation we did

Specifically, :

  1. Consensus Public Key Replacement: In the event of a server breach or consensus public key leakage, we’ve implemented a solution using the edit-consensus-pubkey transaction to replace the validator’s consensus public key.

  2. Authority Transfer for Private Key Compromise: To mitigate the risks associated with a validator’s wallet private key being compromised, we’ve set up a mechanism for transferring validator authority to another address using the grant-privilege transaction. In this setup, the compromised private key cannot send transactions on the chain, while an authorized address can perform transactions on behalf of the validator’s address.

public repo source: Pull requests · cosmos/cosmos-sdk · GitHub

original post:

for ur reference @jacobgadikian and stay strong

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