What happens to delegations on a sovereign chain that becomes a consumer chain?

I have some questions about Replicated Security, hope this is the right place to post!

Assuming that before a sovereign chain - say Chain A, becomes a consumer chain, delegators on the sovereign chain had ChainA tokens delegated to validators on the network.

Now, if Chain A becomes a consumer chain, what happens to all the delegated ChainA tokens? I’m assuming that delegators of Chain A no longer earn rewards anymore due to the original validator set retiring from participating in validating transactions. Do delegators on Chain A need to manually undelegate their delegated ChainA tokens from the original validator set before the validators on the provider chain take over?

Do validators on the consumer chain automatically become representatives/governers or would this be a separate process? And do delegators on ChainA have to delegate again to the representatives/governers for governance?

What will be the use on ChainA tokens moving forward when their network becomes a consumer chain?

Thank you!

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