Why is my newly created validator unbonded?

Hi all,

I tried becoming a validator in the gaia-13003 with this command

gaiacli tx staking create-validator \
  --amount=500000muon \
  --pubkey=$(gaiad tendermint show-validator) \
  --moniker="hawking_pool_testnet_validator" \
  --chain-id=gaia-13003 \
  --commission-rate="0.10" \
  --commission-max-rate="0.50" \
  --commission-max-change-rate="0.01" \
  --min-self-delegation="1" \
  --gas="120000" \
  --gas-prices="0.025muon" \

It seems that I became a validator, but my status in unbonded:

$ gaiacli query staking validator cosmosvaloper1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6n3nyjy --chain-id=gaia-13003
  Operator Address:           cosmosvaloper1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6n3nyjy
  Validator Consensus Pubkey: cosmosvalconspub1zcjduepqwg353d7aelyeearx0q6ccj0cccsx7f3f6upx8yxqj0wyt5hga4fs0q75qe
  Jailed:                     false
  Status:                     Unbonded
  Tokens:                     500000
  Delegator Shares:           500000.000000000000000000
  Description:                {hawking_pool_testnet_validator   }
  Unbonding Height:           0
  Unbonding Completion Time:  1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 UTC
  Minimum Self Delegation:    1
  Commission:                 rate: 0.100000000000000000, maxRate: 0.500000000000000000, maxChangeRate: 0.010000000000000000, updateTime: 2019-04-12 15:58:55.322207365 +0000 UTC

Why am I unbonded, and how do I make it bonded? Thanks a lot!

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You only have 500k tokens bound which is not enough to have 1 voting power and it results in unbonded. Increase your delegation to over 1M muon and make your validator has more than 1 voting power will make it bonded.

@kwunyeung Thanks for the reply. So does it mean that:

Minimum Self Delegation: 1

means 1bigunit which is 1000000muon? Where can I find the unit and coversions? (tried searching for it but couldn’t find anything)

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The code is here.

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Many thanks! Will delve into the code