1 uToken missing from a delegation transaction

i’m new here.

My company has started a new blockchain based on cosmos SDK.

The blockchain is called commercio.network and its tokens are care called commercio.

We’ve recently encountered a weird error on our mainnet: we have done a staking transaction of 10K COM (commercio) using the standard cosmos SDK command: [binary_name] tx staking delegate [validator_node_address] 10000000ucommercio --from [account_address] --fees 10000ucommercio. This is the transaction on the blockchain: https://lcd-mainnet.commercio.network/txs/F423C8EFEA9BF9AAA76AE0413218AA62B2B19E3212C4BC155EA8D10BD2609875

After that transaction the delegated tokens are not 10K but 9999,999999 COM. There is 1 ucommercio missing.

Also when we run the command staking delegations we got this:

cncli query staking delegations did:com:1jfvjspan0w32k2f6hkmfj0qy0ya2w9vkk5wy3m

- delegation:

delegator_address: did:com:1jfvjspan0w32k2f6hkmfj0qy0ya2w9vkk5wy3m

validator_address: did:com:valoper1ryvxa97djtk6a79hr5qs5wznxrc9uarl9hvy66

shares: "6060606060.606060606060606060"


denom: ucommercio

amount: "6000000000"

- delegation:

delegator_address: did:com:1jfvjspan0w32k2f6hkmfj0qy0ya2w9vkk5wy3m

validator_address: did:com:valoper1rsyglnhpg7q6hvz3422wm63tehtkx5xaflh8up

shares: "10101010101.010101010101010100"


denom: ucommercio

amount: "9999999999"

“Shares” looks very strange.

We’re using cosmos SDK v0.39.2.

Could this be a bug on cosmos SDK?

Please reach out our Core teams via Cosmos Discord server, channel °cosmos-sdk-public!

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