AEZ: Atom Tokenomics Improvement, Fee parameter change

Hello I am an Atom and Cosmos eco holder since a few years.

I have a simple idea to improve Atom AEZ tokenomics:

1-Change consumer chain fee from native consumer chain token to Atom token.

2-Burn mechanism for the Atom tokens bougth by consumer chains to pay for the AEZ service.

Those two simple changes will put all the consumer chains dust, every Atom staker is currently receiving, to work towards price appreciation and Inflation reduction of the Atom token, without touching current staking rewards, benefiting price appreciation and giving Atom token a strong renewed position of strenght within the Cosmos ecosystem.

I think it is a great Idea, hence I would like to hear your toughts on this and if it would be feasible to implement before writing a proposal.

Thank you.


There is a cold start problem. If a chains starts without VC money, then it will be difficult to purchase ATOM to pay for services. So a better idea will be to have a transition period:

  • period1 - onboarding, low fees, mainly paid in the native currency
  • period2 - fees are moving from the chain native token to ATOM
  • period3 - economic settlement, fees paid ATOM or combination of ATOM and the chain native currency