ATOM as default fee token in the IBC world

How about using ATOM as the default transaction fee token on a non-exclusive basis. This would leave the choice of paying transaction fees in ATOM or another token. I see ATOM as ingrained in the IBC code but at the same time allowing IBC to continue expanding.

What about your opinion ?

Tell us why or why not ?

Have a nice day cosmos


BTW, now seeing this. I think when i first dug into the vision of IBC, the idea that ATOM will be the default IBC fee token did circulate, no?

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This would be useful not only for ibc, it could be used for regular transactions. Most users who hear about cosmos first buy Atom. Then they find out about other blockchains and dapps and sometimes they send tokens they shouldn’t or they mess up. Leaving sometimes token stuck because can’t pay fees with Atom.

Having Atom as fee on some occasions could be useful and it would make sense since atom is conected to almost every chain. Unfortunately this is for every blockchain to decide and ultimately they need to make that decision.


This proposal makes a lot of sense to me. I have already despaired several times in the past trying to get tokens from one chain to another because an exotic gas token is needed. To do this you first have to find a dex to get it. A newbie will not manage this and give up in frustration. With ATOM as default the problem would be solved, the user experience would be comparable to ethereum where you also only need ETH.


easy ! this is the way

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I agree with this idea

It’s utopian to imagine that this is possible, even if the idea is understandable. Each blockchain is sovereign, as you know. It’s up to them to decide which tokens they want to use to pay their transaction fees, not for us to impose on them, and we have no power over them anyway. As it’s a strategic move, it’s their DAO who decide.

The best idea would be, perhaps, to convince them to add ATOM as a second choice for paying fees. Some already do.