Aid Proposal for Earthquake Survivors in Türkiye

On 02.06.2023, two catastrophic earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.6 and 7.8 occurred in the Kahramanmaraş in Turkey. In addition to Kahramanmaraş, many earthquakes and aftershocks were experienced in Adıyaman, Kilis, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adana, Osmaniye, Gaziantep, Malatya and Hatay. According to the statement made by Japanese earthquake expert Shinji Toda, “We can say that the Kahramanmaraş earthquake is the largest earthquake in the world to have occurred on land.
6207 buildings were destroyed, and many buildings became unusable. More than 13 million people are affected. According to the statement made on February 9, the loss of life is 17406 and the number of injured is 71806.

We need the support of many people from all over the world in this catastrophic event, which has been declared a Level 3 Emergency by the World Health Organization.

Although it is a great humanitarian need, we are aware that this proposal puts a great burden on all voters and may put them in a dilemma, but we had to take such route due to the urgency of the situation. In addition to being a support that prevents great pain, this proposal unfortunately opens a door for opportunistic people to use it in the future. It creates a great moral dilemma as to who will receive and how much support, or whether to give support to anyone who asks for it. In order to prevent this, it is of great importance for the good of the whole cosmos that the next charity proposals must be run through a Charity DAO. That’s why we’re asking for both your support and the establishment of a Charity DAO. And again, the reason why we did not establish this proposal through the Charity DAO is that every passing second is costing a human life.

The funds will be transferred to the Ihtiyac haritası ( , ), which is one of Turkey’s most reliable non-governmental organizations, which still continues its search and rescue activities in the earthquake zone. The Cosmos Account of the Ihtiyaç haritası has been approved by the T.C. Financial Crimes Investigation Agency “MASAK”. Since the account has been opened on the local crypto exchange (Paribu), funds will be transferred to the organization’s Paribu account via multisig. In order not to harm the Cosmos ecosystem, the funds received will be converted into Turkish lira by Paribu (the crypto exchange in Turkey used by Ahbap and Ihtiyaç haritası for the funds) without being sold on the market, and Paribu will use these funds as liquidity.

Fund Request:

We are asking for 20.000 Atom from Cosmos Hub


Dilan Asatekin [,Osmosisi Labs],
Zafercan Çakır [Founder-Stake-Relax Validatör],
Mert Fırat [İhtiyaç Haritası and Ahbap organization],
Nova Ratio and 0xwilds

Hi, thanks for this post and opening up a sport on the forum to discuss this.

Congratulations on the passing of your proposal. It would be great for the community to be able to follow along with updates about what happens next now that the proposal has passed. Accountability and feedback is an important part of the process, and I’m sure the community would be glad to know that these funds are being put to good use.


I will be wholeheartedly shocked if there is any form of verifiable accountability offered for what happened to the 20,000 ATOM and the money it provided following the approval of this proposal.

This is, in my opinion, a black stain on the project. As we can already see, multiple scam attempts have been made and are in the process of being made after onlookers observed how simple it was to get a cash payout from the Cosmos governance system.

We need a new proposal to keep anything that isn’t 100% related to the technical functioning of the Cosmos system off of governance. With charities in particular, there are many ways to go about receiving donations that do not have such a negative impact.


The entire process should be documented, tweets with text are not enough.

Balance sheet and pictures (materials, local impact etc…) would be amazing.

I also think that as of right now, it is a stain. You don’t let 200K+ sit for a month, either money is not between the right hand or some sort of spending has been done (then cosmonauts needs proof). That would be a wonderful topic to raise next time you hop on an interview about Cosmos.