ATOM STOLEN - Help w/ Unstaking PLEASE

Hi there,

I’m new to cryptocurrency, and through an unfortunate set of circumstances, I fell victim to a scam where I revealed the 12 digit passcode/seed phrase through a fake bullshit website (on Exodus). Please spare me the response telling me I’m a moron, I already know that, and was stupidly careless when this happened. I’ve learned my lesson as far as that goes.

170 ATOM was stolen this evening from me, worth $3700. The TxHash is CF0AB1E34D48CE63783D9120E2E99B73D702183A72536A4F2FC24C94621C17CB, my Cosmos address is cosmos1q6m0a3n5qsx6g67zsgypualdm2d5j75jf6u07l and the degenerate thief’s address is cosmos138v2n3fkamtd9zd52675wyyyjq0z4vw5e3ffx7.

The main reason I’m messaging you is because I still have 1,000 ATOM staked in my Exodus Wallet, and they come unstaked starting in 8 days. How can I salvage the remaining 1,000 ATOM? Is there a way you (on the Cosmos side) can help me unstake the 1,000 ATOM earlier than they are supposed to come unstaked? Make an exception? That way I can safely transfer this ATOM to another (safe) wallet address?

If you can’t help me, surely this thief will attempt to steal the ATOM at the exact time it comes unstaked just like he did with the ~170 ATOM he did this evening.

Thank you very much for your help, I really desperately need it.


We don’t have a mechanism to help you.

My recommendation is attempt to send the the atoms to a safe wallet the moment that unstaking completes.


As every suggestion we leave here in the forum can easily be read by scammers, please DM me on telegram (@catdotfish). I have a couple of ideas.
I cannot guarantee anything but until now all the people scammed that I helped were able to move the funds before the scammers, so, please don’t give up :slight_smile:

Just a Reminder: For security reasons, I will never DM you first.


Hi @catdotfish - I just messaged you over discord (don’t have a telegram acct), hope that is alright. Thanks so much for reaching out, I truly appreciate it.

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sure, I’ll be back to you asap :slight_smile:

Thank you @catdotfish - Here’s a picture of the ATOM that is coming unstaked.

Please message me on Discord from here on out, thanks! My username is @jvh123 on there, you should see the private messages I already sent you there.

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Hi @catdotfish
I have the same problem as @jvh123. Yes, I did the same stupid thing. Can I send a DM to you via telegram?


I have the same problem.
@catdotfish Can I DM you on any telegram / discord etc?

I did the same stupid thing with you.But I just lost my $osmo assets. because I just knew that my wallet was hacked after $osmo in my wallet was withdrew. For the remaining assets I withdaw it before the thief did.