Validator Decommissioned - How to Withdraw Stake?

Has anyone used the Trust Wallet to stake their ATOM tokens, and have later found that the Validator was decommissioned? I have been unsuccessful at withdrawing the stake.

Any suggestions are helpful.


I have the same “exact” issue as Mahavir108 with my Trust Wallet and my ATOM tokens. Does anyone know if the ATOM tokens will be returned to the Trust Wallet? Did this happen because I selected a bad validator?

Hey!!! Is anybody listen from the developers?

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I’m afraid I don’t have the expertise to offer any clear guidance here.

But you might look at this related issue for pointers (tho it is specific to Trust Wallet) Can't retrieve ATOM from decommissioned stake - English - Trust Wallet and, iiuc, the discord is a better venue for getting answers on these kinds of questions:

That said, one way or another, I think a clear answer to y’all’s questions questions should be posted here one way or another (even if only as a link to somewhere that provides guidance).

@Juan, @lefutures, and @Mahavir108: A colleague has helped clarify for me here. This is an issue specific to Trust Wallet and not related to the Cosmos infrastructure. So you’ll want to contact them (following their own guidance on the post I linked above).

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