ATOM Votes and Updates - Notification System?

I’ve been trading in ATOM (and occasionally other Cosmo coins) for some months now. I believe the Cosmos network and IBC is the future, even if it takes some hits and time to become the new “mainstream”. I recently read and saw a video about Osmosis and people having their ATOM staked getting a snapshot for rewards. But I heard about this after the fact - too late to be part of it. I’m currently deployed overseas and don’t have time or ability to be scanning forums and websites for ATOM opportunities like that. Is there an email distro or notification set-up in existence (or one we can create) so ATOM movers can know about things like that ahead of time, and be part of them?

A secondary part to this - “voting on the chain”. I understand that having ATOM means I can be part of votes (I typically hold 100-1000 staked, the rest trades regularly with other coins) but how do I get notified of upcoming votes, in order to be part of them? If I was notified, I have no knowledge on how to actually cast a vote. I tried looking at videos but they all seemed conceptual rather than an actual example, from start to finish.

Help. Discuss. Guide. Thanks in advance.