imToken Wallet Feedback Thread

Our Cosmos wallet/staking features are now online for 4 weeks: Staking, trading, account import/creation, sending/receiving…

If you have any feedback to us, please let us know! We will be watching this space.

For screenshots and updates etc. watch our twitter:

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Everything is working great! It’s very smooth: staking, trading, creation, sending and receiving I tried successfully. The reinvest feature on the staking is working well too. It’s a very polished product - two thumbs up!

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I want to be able to make a proposal from one direction and without the need of a validator. It would be nice to be able to work on this directly on your wallet, in addition to being able to choose my vote individualy even if it differs from the opinion of my validator.

It would be an honor to have the option that each holder can vote individually from his wallet before submitting my proposal. So we can fight better against centralization with the help of all the Atoms owners and the help of the wallet imToken

Read this post for understand me: How to do it alone? Atom Holders individually decide their governance!

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If you have no “available” tokens you cannot perform any transactions because you cannot pay transaction fee. For example I have 1 atom reward I would like to withdraw and delegate. I should be able to pay transaction fee with the reward balance, but I cannot perform the transaction. Also, if I want to undelegate I should be able to pay the fee from the atom that is delegated.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think this is not possible on a protocol level, but should be fixable on a UX level. I’ve forwarded to our team!

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You can use for that! :smiley:


Lunie has this function from the beginning, however no one knows and we leave the responsibility in the hands of those who present the proposals only and the validators of the network, I think we should all be aware that the vote is a private decision. individual of each to have a fair trial and a good decision. People do not know this because most of the people use mobile wallet, we must orient them with clarity and justice.


Hey the staking is not working on the iphone last 2 days. it says

Error loading page
Domain: WebKitErrorDomain
Error Code: 102
Description: Frame load interrupted

It’s not a huge problem because there’s command line and lunie, but it was great having everything in one place!

Thanks for the feedback! I forwarded to the team. We didn’t hear this from more people, but will investigate

Just confirmed with the team, This is a known issue, the solution depends on the version upgrading of Webview and react-native. It should be fixed in 2.4.6 (if everything goes well).

I’ve enjoyed it so far! I’m using imToken for imKey and ETH support, so I’m looking forward to being able to stake and store ATOMs on my imKey. Also would love to be able to vote, but I know that’s in the works!

imKey should be ready with the latest update (coming this week)

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Thank you for all of the hard work. One thing that looks confusing to the end user is that each type of tx takes different amount as a fee.

imKey should be ready with the latest update (coming this week)

This is great news! imKey was a great purchase, I use it everyday. Keep it up!

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