Beggining on cosmos hub

Hello do you have some articles or things that i can learn on cosmos blockchain im a begginer and im a little bit lost in this sea of information i would like to get more involved in this forum but i have 0 knowledge.

I would look into old posts : proposal ideas, CHIP, tokenomics, essays, Governance meta, community spend… etc categories

it’s a lot of information, distributed here and there but it will make sense. You will encounter different opinions and be able to create yours

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In terms of learning the ropes building in Cosmos, start with the Cosmos SDK and the Cosmos Hub docs.

As for getting involved in the forum, there’s a starting guide here.

What specifically are you wanting to learn and what do you want to build?

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thank you for the information :pray: :pray:

i dont realy know i will start to read and learn what you send me, thank you for your help :pray: