Can an ABCI app ICO?

Hello all,

I am noob to crytocurrency and cosmos. I am confused about how it will work if some one develops an ABCI application using Cosmos SDK/Tendermint, and later on decides to ICO?

Let’s say I use cosmos to launch my own blockchain and issues a new token on cosmos, let’s call it ‘foo’, and we can use that to purchase services in my app. Later on I would love to ICO, looks like lately most ppl ICO on Ethereum, I just wonder how would that work? Does it mean that I will have to issue another token “Boo” on Ethereum as a tradable token, then using that to purchase “foo” on my blockchain?

Sorry if the wording sounds confused, that’s exactly what’s in my mind right now. Hope that I can get some explanations here.

Thank you.

The platform you use to ICO is basically independent of what you are doing an ICO for.
So you could launch an ICO on Ethereum or on a seperate “ICO zone” which may be built on the SDK.

The feature set the hub will provide at launch would only support doing an ICO with no restrictions. (e.g. paying money to an address) It has no smart contracting, so you can’t do fancier auctions. However you can easily launch another zone with the exact ICO zone stuff you want. (Ethereum is an easier option for your ICO though)

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