Am I in the right place?

Hi all, I’m new here.

I’m one of those guys that just landed in the Cosmos and (maybe) not even know exactly what is the project for.



Now, seriously. I have an idea for a project that fits with the blockchain strategy.

My developer background is enough to think about data structure and relationships, and business logic.

I read a few “blockchain” open source projects… and they are just… chaining blocks… I know that a blockchain app needs a lot more than that. For instance, how to propagate the list of nodes when someone joins/leaves, how to handle the competition/ties. How a new node can get the info about all the previous blocks. Just to name a few problems.

A friend of mine pointed me to Cosmos SDK. I don’t know if he knew about it or just googled it.

First question : is Cosmos SDK for this case?

I know I didn’t shared a word about my idea. I still need to register the patent first… haha, JK, it will be open source, ofc.

Based on what I read so far about Cosmos SDK, I need to say that my project has no relation with currency. I don’t want to create a token.

Once my app is finished, I supposed companies will run nodes and keep the blockchain live just because they like the app. Question: How the prof of Stake works in this case


If your decentralized app needs special low level blockchain structure(fees for transactions, latency, tps), you will need to find suitable blockchain which has ability to build smart contract upon it. There are some smart contract enabled blockchains being built from Tendermint and Cosmos-SDK technology.

But, if you build your blockchain yourself, you have to secure your blockchain yourself with a staking token. But because you don’t want to create any coin, this is not your option.

If you don’t want to have your own tokens, maybe the Cosmos SDK if not your best fit as the core concept of the SDK is to make the tokens as stake and convert them into voting power on the chain. If this is not what you are looking for, you can build your own application business logic with Tendermint and ABCI. Tendermint is a BFT consensus engine. It can power proof of stake or you can define how your allocate the voting power between the connected nodes. Then you build your business logic in your preferred language and communicate with Tendermint via ABCI. There are guides on Tendermint website for you to start with . And you can find some tutorials and articles about using Tendermint on Medium as well.