Can I unjail validator who jailed by doublesign?

Just need to drop a question.

We have chain build with cosmos SDK. There were errors while chain update so we roll back chain to recent backup.
Then one of our validator jailed for doublesign. We tried unjail him but failed. We have a log as below:

  • address: evmosvalcons17299ujpwq64gr6f8juzschvwxjj4g73k0576x5
    index_offset: “1532484”
    jailed_until: “9999-12-31T23:59:59Z”
    missed_blocks_counter: “0”
    start_height: “0”
    tombstoned: true

It seems we can’t unjail the validator until 9999-12-31.
Is there any way to unjail the validator or reset?

No when a validator is jailed for double siding, so we call that equivocation actually and the validator isn’t jailed it’s in fact tombstoned.

What you want to do, is make a new validator, after reviewing what led you to double sign. Double signing on a block is kind of treated as a cardinal sin and that is why you can’t unjail, the validator has been permanently deactivated.

Did this happen on the EVMOS mainNet? Please feel free to contact me on Twitter, my handle there is @gadikian I just want to talk with you about how this happened because there have been a lot of tombstoneings on EV MOS and I’m a little bit concerned. Thank you

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