Jailed Validator : how to know the reason and how to redelagate

Hello, i see that for ATOM the validatori “Binance Staking” is jailed. How is possible to know the reason?
I tried to redelagate my Atom to other validator but i get always an error (out of gas) and just lost my gas fee… why can’t redelagate them?

You should reach out to your validator directly to ask about their status. Often validators are jailed due to poor uptime. You can look at validator uptime in block explorers like mintscan, e.g.: Mintscan - Chain explorer by COSMOSTATION

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Taking for granted that you have enough in your available balance to perform the operation, to redelegate from a jailed validator you need to manually raise the gas of the transaction in your keplr wallet to the double. You can find the option [set gas]in the bottom right of the pop-up that will ask you to confirm the operation. I recommend selecting [low] fee so that the higher gas will not impact too much the cost of the transaction itself.


Thanks for the answer! i tried with 4 time gas fee without success, then 6time gas fee and it is gone!
Now i know that i have to change the gas fee ! thanks!!


I tried all the above, including 6 times the fee with no success, any thoughts?
It just plain did not work
It does not give me an error message either

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Try to do a “redelagate” with low fee. you will get an error like “not enought gas… you use X fee, requested Y fee…”
Calculate the times you need to use the requested gas…
I know, is really annoying!!

After the redelagation, i can’t redelagate the atom… i get an error because the first redelegate transaction is already on the job… but my redelgate is already done, and i’m earning the apr of the new delegator… it’s really strange…

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please check this thread, might be useful :3 there can be reasons why you cannot execute the operation

let me know if the issue still persists: the amount of gas needed is exponentially increasing so you might need to opt for a 5/6 million now

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I have tripled the gas fees and have also tried low, medium and high with the tripled gas fee. It just does not work.

Hi! you have to set your gas fee to 750000 and maybe little more…