Can we add a restaking module to the Hub?

After seeing a proposal to add the liquid staking module, we thought to ask the community if the abilty to automatically restake and compound rewards is a feature that people want.

REstake has validators set up and manage an additional wallet for restaking rewards and validators must manually manage those wallets. Some compound daily, some weekly, some monthly. It’s extra maintenance and extra security risk.

Yieldmos is a better option for validators because Yieldmos uses authz and manages the wallet, not validators so all active Hub validators are included. It’s a time-saver for validators, but still not ideal. Plus, Yieldmos is discussing a future fee for their service. It’s free for now.

We very much appreciate both of those teams and projects and have nothing other than respect for them, but relying on a 3rd party isn’t in the spirit of Hub resilience. So, we’re wondering what’s required to have it written natively into the staking module, or alongside it, or somewhere in the stack.

We have no idea how to add automatic compounding of staking rewards to the Hub, or how much it may cost to pay developers.

Perhaps both the REstake and Yieldmos teams could quarterback this change so that they aren’t made obsolete or redundant. They are intelligent, forward-thinking people. It takes a village and Cosmos is about collaboration. Maybe they can work with the Keplr, Cosmostation, Trust wallet, and Ledger teams.

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could just check a box while staking that turned on compound rewards?

Shouldn’t it just be a standard in-wallet staking feature, without the need to navigate to a 3rd party website?

Shouldn’t it stay a free feature for delegators?

This post is meant to explore it and get the conversation going. Would especially love to hear from the teams mentioned.

Please comment.

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Its a feature that many delegators would appreciate since it would save time and effort. While there are already third-party solutions like restake and yieldmos, relying on them for such a critical feature may not be in the spirit of Hub resilience. I agree that adding this feature natively into the staking module or somewhere in the stack would be ideal. The main question is who is going to sponsor it ?
i hope the conversation continues, and the teams involved can work together to make this a reality.

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How does nobody care about this?

Looks like the delegators are happy with what they currently have, so the engineering capacity might be better used for other features.

I would prefer a build in compound function though since it makes it easier for not so technical people to use.

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Is there any live yield compounder project on Cosmos?

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Yes, 3rd party REstake and Yieldmos. We prefer Yieldmos.

However, we feel the abilty to restake rewards and auto compound should be written into the staking module natively, not requiring a 3rd party.