Cannot receive atom in testnet gaia-13003


Hi all… I’m trying to get atom from faucet in gaia-13003 to test being a validator, but I couldn’t get it working.

My address is cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h so I entered it in

After that I tried to confirm by using the command:

gaiacli query account cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h --chain-id=gaia-13003

but I got

ERROR: {"codespace":"sdk","code":9,"message":"account cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h does not exist"}

Any clue? Thanks a lot

(if the faucet is not working, I would be glad if someone could send some atoms in gaia-13003 to the address above for me to play around)



Sent 100muons to you.
Here are transaction details