Cannot receive atom in testnet gaia-13003

Hi all… I’m trying to get atom from faucet in gaia-13003 to test being a validator, but I couldn’t get it working.

My address is cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h so I entered it in

After that I tried to confirm by using the command:

gaiacli query account cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h --chain-id=gaia-13003

but I got

ERROR: {"codespace":"sdk","code":9,"message":"account cosmos1pan26at8x8u5rz53l5cldtx6he3zghp6k9837h does not exist"}

Any clue? Thanks a lot

(if the faucet is not working, I would be glad if someone could send some atoms in gaia-13003 to the address above for me to play around)

Sent 100muons to you.
Here are transaction details

hi, could you send some test coin to me?
My address is cosmos15lqj5q3zwez8h2nr5pazrmkhgru4sm0tj9s7kx

I just sent you some!

Hello, could you send me some test coins ? I’d like to test the validator process

my address is cosmos14tz4ser7h55g5gve55u90s7tqy6qnenmv3lssw

Thanks a lot !
–> I got some on the Riot chat, there is a chatbot command

Hi Can someone send me some cosmos testnet tokens. I am trying to setup a validator node and would like to check with some testnet tokens first. Here is my address. cosmos1774ydury9wqw872r9f8lrjj3srec8e2rhle0tq