I'm a funderaiser,I've tried every way I know to claim atoms,but all failed

At the beginning,I tried to use the easy way to get atoms from ICO.I used poloniex,I download cosmostation wallet,Huobi wallet,all failed. And then I bought ledger nano S ,and after I put 12 words,it showed the exactly same cosmos address with cosmostation,Huobi wallet,and balance is also 0! I do have the right 12 words,because I took a picture after I finished eth donation 2 years ago.And I can find that transaction also. I went to official telegram,zaki helped me to check,he said my eth donation address is not in Genesis data,and after he checked my eth donation transaction record,he said that transaction is linked to another cosmos address,and yes,it has right amount! But I can’t understand why even I have the right 12 words,But I I still can not generate the cosmos address with right balance,and no one can help me to resolve this problem.I already sent 2 emails to official team,but nothing they answered me. why this happened on such a great project and why this happened to me?great software or product should be easy to use,isn’t it?