Can't delegate steak


Hi, I have this message when I want to delegate my steaks on Voyager, what can I do please ?



I would guess you have a wrong geneis in your config folder. Which version of Voyager are you using?


I m using the v0.9.1.

The v0.9.2 doesn’t work … (javascript error)

I’m using the windows version.


check your --chain-id?
if you use a wrong chain id. you will get a error message like that

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Voyager 0.9.1 and 0.9.2 do not support gaia-7004 correctly. Please wait for Voyager 0.9.3, which should be coming out within the day! It should work on gaia-7004.

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New version is out:

Yes, thank you, now it’s working! :+1: