Change the meaning of "Abstain" voting

I am sorry for not being able to reply earlier in detail.

The problem is the whole cosmos governance and FD models. Where validators fear retaliation to voice their concern, where they might lose huge FDs. Meaning, delegating the VP is not enough for the Atom holder but they should have more responsibility to actively vote. Where we can not penalize delegators for not participating in the existing model, what we can do is educate them with each Gov prop so they participate actively. because then we have the actual governance.

if anyone agrees with the above hypothesis, then we need to start working on this step by step. We may argue about what should be the first step. But I strongly believe we need governance overhauling.

I feel bad when the proposal passed with 50% of abstain vote. If the prop really doesn’t matter to a voter then we should treat it like that. Also, I have downgraded it to conversation from proposal.

I know I obstain from Voting on topics because of token wheighted voting that is apart of most chains if not all. No matter if a person, validator, node operator, miner or creator holds 1 token or 1 million tokens 1 vote should equal one vote with no wheighted percentages, else we repeat our same corrupted political policy procedures that plague the world today.

So we are doing prop 75 all over again. I will again state that if there is no mechanism to enforce these, “narrowed reasonings”, then this is simply an article without teeth and as such is useless…

Thats exactly what Im against. What is true? Who is Satoshi? According to whom its the narrative? Its not about a written on stone narrative. Its about the needs of a community and a distributed, open and verifiable manner to check it.

What im trying to say here and above is that we need to be more careful in not creating obstacles for future work. We, the Cosmos community / the crypto community have an uber important task - not to fuck things up. I think that trying to use the concept of maxim’s (Maxim (philosophy) - Wikipedia) - maybe sticking more to Kants categorical imperatives, etc - we might actually build a world / universe / digital space that is free of BS.

We need to learn responsibility. We need to learn freedom. We need to learn love, passion, ethics, morals, etc. If those fail. Then delegating, imo - NOT the other way around

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