Governance Discussions


Governance is the process from which users in the Cosmos Hub can come to consensus on software upgrades, parameters of the mainnet or on custom text proposals. This is done through voting on proposals, which will be submitted by Atom holders on the mainnet.

Let’s use this topic to discuss governance concepts and questions.

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“Validators MUST vote on every proposal. If a validator does not vote on a proposal, they will be partially slashed”

How are the proposals going to be signaled as ready to vote, what’s the voting window, 2 weeks from opening?

Similar question: The documentation of the new testnet specifies that we can query proposals with:

gaiacli gov query-proposal

This only works if we know the ID of a proposal. Can we also query all / all active proposals?

@katernoir Thats not currently supported in the CLI. There is however an endpoint (/gov/proposals) on the Light Client (gaiacli advanced rest-server) that gives you this information.

Is there a way for individual token owners to know what vote would their validator cast, before the actual voting period ends? Would it be possible to add a period that individual token owners can check what all the validators voted, and override the votes if they feel needed?

From what I see in the past, in many cases individuals feel too lazy to vote, but tends to become active and concern when they find out something undesirable is voted and going to happen.

Yes. You can view who’s voted and how on the corresponding Hubble proposal page, e.g. -

It updates every few minutes during the voting period.