Clarifying Funding Sources for Cosmos Validators

Also, when you have time.

Do you think the Neutron CS proposal is like rent-free living on the HUB? because of no continuous payments?

On V9 update discussion, in the FAQs section it is mentioned that if a chain has its own token and inflation, Hub will have its share. but it wasn’t put into the original proposal, is this a false advertisement? when asked the literally Neutron team said we don’t know if this (FAQ) thing even existed.

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Yes. Also, I’m strongly in support of it. Neutron is eating a ton of risk by choosing to go first.

Also I should qualify that yes – they do intend to pay – lido/p2p are no fools sir, and will ensure that Gaia is happy. They’ve made mention of a portion of supply that will be used to compensate ATOM stakers (and thereby validators) – my initial “yes” relates strictly to the reality that I think that at first, Neutron is going to increase our operational expenses, without much benefit…

except the gigantic benefit of volunterring to live-model RS/ICS economics alongside the hub community

^ (for real, in my estimation we have no idea how this will work out, economically. We need to do it, and then revise economics)

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I love Neutron and ICS. I know their intentions are good and they are taking a huge risk by going first where NobleXYZ opted out.

If they write this in their proposal “economically. We need to do it, and then revise economics” it is a huge yes. Otherwise, I am seeing myself abstaining from this proposal.

So in the future, no one will be telling me, “That was just a random conversation on a forum no commitment to do it”



yo good stuff

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