Draft: Formally request AllInBits, Inc to pay Grace Yu's legal expenses

Formally request AllInBits, Inc to drop their lawsuit against Grace Yu

This proposal is to formally request that AllInBits, Inc drop their lawsuit against Grace Yu and promise not to engage cosmonauts in pointless legal battles in the future.

Here’s a hyperlink to the lawsuit:

  • Jae Kwon is the CEO of AllInBits, Inc
    • Jae is one of the founders of Cosmos and the inventor of the Tendermint consensus mechanism
  • AllinBits, inc is a Limited Liablity Company headquartered in Delaware
    • AiB has also been referred to as ignite and tendermint, inc
  • AiB, Inc filed the lawsuit against Grace Yu in the Eastern District of New York Federal Court against Grace Yu.
  • AiB is being represented by mofo.com
  • AiB and mofo.com submitted a lawsuit to a Federal court in the Eastern District of New York that contains numerous easily proven factual inaccuracies.
  • The lawsuit falsely claims that Jacob worked with Grace to unveil Jae Kwon’s folder of Nazi filth from the gno documentation. Jacob did not know Grace at that time, and independently chose to release Jae’s nazi filth to the world because Jae had publicly accused him of blasphemy against Allah and that is a bridge way too far.
  • The lawsuit dismisses Zaki’s claims about Gno as disparagement. Zaki’s claims about Gno are true. You can view Jacob’s check of Zaki’s claims here: https://github.com/gnolang/gno/pull/562
    • Zaki’s claims about Gno are factual.
  • All nwv validators on proposal 82 have recieved at minimum 90,000 Atom Delegations from AiB with two exceptions
  • Instead of just starting another branch in the same repository, Jae chose to archive tendermint/tendermint. This led to months of delays, and every chain in cosmos had to be changed in various ways to support the new module import paths.
  • The Corporation is a Juno DAO created for fun, and at no time prior to the lawsuit did it have anything to do with AiB.
    • Members of The Corporation now work 27 hours a day on allinbutts.com because they have been dragged into a federal court case that lacks factual accuracy or merit.

Clause by Clause Breakdown

  1. FALSE: AiB did have other choices
  2. FALSE: AiB did not complete IBC, it was completed by team members who left due to religious discrimination.
  3. FALSE: The last innovative thing AiB shipped was ignite. Ignite has now failed.
  4. TRUE: AiB and Jae deserve credit for Tendermint consensus, it is amazing
  5. UNDERREPORTED: Ignite was formerly used by numerous chains. Surely more than 12. It was later removed.
  6. TRUE: Grace Yu worked at AiB
  7. TRUE: Grace Yu worked at tendermint for only around 3 months because nearly the entire Ignite team was fired and AiB reneged on plan to separate ignite from AiB
  8. FALSE: Grace Yu was simply attempting to get the Apache 2.0 license enforced. It does not permit noncompetes and the like.
  9. FALSE: Grace Yu has made only factual statements. It is not unreasonable to refer to a work environment where anti-semitic, anti-jesuit, and anti-catholic materials from 4chan pass for software documentation as “psychopathic”
    a) FALSE: due to its long history of religious discrimination, it is fair to call AiB pathological, sociopathic, and hostile.
    b) FALSE: The country in which a former aib employee fired from Ignite lives, does not permit non-compete agreements, and yet AiB had them sign one.
    c) UNKNOWN: those were sure some weird as hell tweets
  10. FALSE: Grace hasn’t made false statements.
  11. True and False: Yes, Grace was trying to raise funds for Spellshape. No, she was not disparaging AiB.
  12. FALSE: Grace simply had the same experiences with Jae Kwon and therefore had the same complaints.
  13. FALSE: What Grace said about AiB has been known for years.
    14-25) What goodwill? Nazi propaganda is distributed in the workplace.
  14. TRUE: Grace was a consultant at AiB.
  15. TRUE AND FALSE: Yes, the contract had a non-disparagement clause, NO Grace Yu did not break it.
    28-30) TRUE
    30-41) FALSE: Grace spoke only factual information about AiB and AiB did attempt to circumvent the apache 2.0 license so that Denis could not continue his work.
  16. Hilariously FALSE: The corporation had nothing to do with AiB until the lawsuit. Post-lawsuit, the corporation still has nothing to do with AiB and owns allinbutts.com
  17. FALSE: No one can be certain that did not happen.
  18. FALSE: Grace, Zaki, Jack and Jacob simply spoke of their experiences with AiB.
  19. FALSE: Zaki’s commentary about GNO is factual.
  20. FALSE: AiB filed a lawsuit against Grace Yu in the Eastern District of New York, which made false allegations and attempted to control discourse in Cosmos.
  21. FALSE: Jacob was claiming that Jae runs harassment campaigns. The tweets cited are from before Jacob even knew who Grace Yu was.
  22. FALSE: Jae’s got alternate identites and has built many of them over the years. Two of his alts contributed to the GORE in 2020, because he spent all his time as his alter egos.
  23. FALSE: Jae has used bribery to influence cosmos governance, for example in proposal 69 NoWithVeto got double the GNO airdrop.
  24. FALSE: Grace and the cited individuals have had similar experiences with AiB and thus have similar things to say about AiB.
    51-55) Uh: Mr. Buchman is displeased that he is in such a hateful document, per this interview: https://terraspaces.org/2023/04/18/ethan-buchman-on-aib-the-icf-informal/ Mr. Buchman also reaffirms his commitment to mutual love.
    56-61) FALSE: AiB has no reputation to lose at this point. It is known in Cosmos as a workplace where hateful conduct is encouraged by the CEO, a litigous organization that is in possession of former team member’s cryptocurrencies per @ebuchman.

vote options

vote YES to formally request that AllInBits, Inc drop their lawsuit against Grace Yu and promise not to engage cosmonauts in pointless legal battles in the future

To avoid deliberation over flavor text, all other options are defined either by proposal 75 or by the cosmos-sdk documentation, with governance proposals taking priority over the sdk.

A kind note to proceduralists: no governance proposal has passed mandating the use of the forum. If rules are rules, then they should go through governance, or they are not in fact rules.

I do not use the word “Nazi” to mean “strict like that one obsessive boss you once had” or “all people who like Donald Trump are Nazis.” I mean "expressing views about Jews, Catholics and Jesuits that are in line with the views held by the German National Socialist Party. I have very deliberately chosen to use this word.

I continue to support a YES vote on proposal 971 because Grace has spent ~$80,000 of her own money to defend against a lawsuit that contains almost entirely non-factual information, and risks insolvency due to this lawsuit. My support of YES on 971 is not out of concern for charity, but instead as part of my desire to see the hub assert our shared values as a community. Further, the passage of this proposal does not guarantee that AiB will drop their ridiculous lawsuit.


I would chand the word ‘request’ to ‘demand’, othrr than that, this is a yes with veto for me either way.

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thanks! So the thing is that the chain cannot really demand anything from anyone, so it makes sense for it to just be a polite, formal request from the chain, to aib.


Well done…hopefully this gets a unanamous yes

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Thank you. I hope that @jaekwon reads this and sees the fully untenable position that he is in.

I fully agree with this prop. The, now live, prop 791 shows mostly the discussion on how the community stands on asking for community funds. I think this prop will show how the Cosmos community stands regarding this ludicris lawsuit. I expect it to get an overwhelmingly YES vote because this lawsuit is harmfull to everyone involved and is very negative for the reputation of Cosmos as a whole.
Everybody favorable to Cosmos wants to develop and grow Cosmos, nobody wants this drama of the lawsuit.
My vote will be: YES.


comments like these help me to know that this is the right thing to do.

thank you.

Thank you for your feedback.

Idk if Jae is a Nazi but I sure do know that he distributes information that aligns with the views of the German National Socialist Party (1921-1945) with respect to Jews, Catholics, and Jesuits. That much is fully certain.

Why dont you make a proposal for Notional to cover all her lawsuit costs ? I will support that :slight_smile:

People are tired of the supposed leaders not collaborating with the Founder . The Founder is the smartest mind we have in the ecosystem .

If you dont like him fork off Sir

That is a lie… You were an active Gno contribuitor until u went to Colombia. That was well after 2020

Very supportive of this! Just a typo here:

HILAIOUSLY FALSE: The corporation had nothing to do with AiB until the lawsuit. Post-



thank you very much sir

I love you, too.

Thank you for giving me the courage and motivation to put this here prop up.

791 has less than 12% support Sir. And that is with the very biased votes from Iqlusion, Strangelove and Notional . Meaning 0 organic support

Each days you guys separate yourselfs from the real Cosmos Community. You are losing your power

Hopefully we have a similar result as with Apple in which the founder returns to lead to glory


I would vote yawn on this if I could

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I hope that’s the case, as well. Jae is a person with incredible talent and I have also seen him be extremely kind. It would surely be glorious to see Jae drop all this hateful stuff and live up to his full potential.

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Enough with the governance spamming Jacob. We’ve grown weary. I dislike Jae but this is essentially a rewording of the previous prop without any fund requests. You can’t keep throwing up props every week because people disagree with you. The community needs a break from the drama.

I would also delete the whole nazi substory because it is irrelevant and you mention it every 3 seconds on twitter. It’s coming across as you being obsessive and childish.


I am aware that there are risks.

Zaki is an incredible person, and I think he is great.
Jack is an incredible person, and I think he is great.

They, along with many others, both cast aside “the FoUndEr” and continued to build the vision that they believe in. I am very grateful for everyone that I get the great privilege of working with in Cosmos.