Commons Hub Ransacked, Cosmos Hackathons Forced to Cancel

The Commons Hub, which was planning to host a series of hackathons for multiple Cosmos chains, has been ransacked.

The Commons Hub, located in the Austrian Alps, hosted the first ReFi and CoFi conferences, Solarpunk gatherings, post-monetary hackathons, as well as the annual CryptoCommons Gathering since 2021, and has been at the frontier of exploring post-capitalist usecases for Web3.

We set up Cosmos Hub, Regen, Stride and Neutron validators nodes in 2023 as we came to believe in the appchain thesis and its promise for a sovereign future for communities, investing into research of what the stack could build.

This year we were preparing a series of hackathons — The Cosmonauts — for multiple Cosmos chains, culminating in an interchain edition to cultivate a physical space that would serve as a common ground for the ecosystem as a whole.

A place for people to build and to chill and create the bonds required for a complex ecosystem like ours to get along together.

We’ve had to cancel the hackathons and the 70 days of events we had booked for this year. We just invested €80,000 into an eco-friendly pellet oven to heat in the whole building. We put the lion’s share of our personal savings into this project, believing that we were building the foundation for a transformation of our village into a testing ground for emerging technologies and the commons, for the Cosmos ecosystem and beyond.

All in all, including the lost revenue of a full year, we are talking about a financial damage of at least €150.000 - €200.000.

You can see the full extent of the vandalism here:

At this point is in uncertain if the Hub will survive.

We’ve come to ask the community to support us in this devastating time.

Please help us by staking on the Commons Hub Validators:

Cosmos Hub


Or donate to the Commons Hub here:

ATOM - cosmos1wrr2h2mq74kvgs47m06wudntk0ljxnmdutgexr

OSMOSIS - osmo1wrr2h2mq74kvgs47m06wudntk0ljxnmd5smfs3

CELESTIA - celestia1wrr2h2mq74kvgs47m06wudntk0ljxnmddpefuw

STRIDE - stride1wrr2h2mq74kvgs47m06wudntk0ljxnmdlqg9j0

REGEN - regen1wrr2h2mq74kvgs47m06wudntk0ljxnmdrfr9s8

Or on ETH et al: Commons Hub Resurrection |<!-- --> Giveth

Thank you for your support. :pray:

The Commons Hub is Dead. Long Live the Commons Hub!

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such a pointless destruction :frowning:

Sorry to hear about vandalism. On the bright side there’s always the common everyday forums to connect with developers, hackers and researchers. Work fast and break things.


This is terrible… fingers cross you’ll get somewhere with the help of local authorities. Would not expect this from Austria…


Hope you get this sorted dudes. This is sad. I can imagine how you must feel =(


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