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  • 50K prize pool at the Cosmos sponsored DeFi Hackathon during SF Blockchain Week
  • Cosmos at Blockchain Week Berlin highlights
  • Get involved: New Cosmos community security session 
  • Development updates: Ethermint, Cosmos SDK, IBC and Tendermint Core
  • Cosmos-Hub 3 governance proposal underway
  • What's new in the Cosmos contributor ecosystem
  • We are hiring!


San Francisco is up next in early November with San Francisco Blockchain Week and the Cosmos sponsored DeFi Hackathon. Apply here to hack for the $50K prize pool.

The details:


This past week blockchain took over Berlin with over 80 having taken place. Chris Goes took to the stage at the Interoperability Summit with Keep Network, MakerDAO, Messari, Polkadot and Ramp Network answering cross-chain asset questions and presenting on “Demystifying IBC.” Plus a great discussion on shared security and sovereign security.

ETHBerlin hackathon closed out the week with the Cosmos team onsite. We added some additional stake to the libp2p category and ChainSafe provided some interesting development


Cosmos SDK
Inter-block cache: An I/O improvement to applications built upon the Cosmos SDK which allows for each KVStore to maintain a inter-block (persistent) cache. The inter-block cache allows for values that are frequently read but not written to be more quickly accessed (e.g. module parameters). Draft issues #4748
NFT module has been merged. Further improvements and updates are still underway so it should be considered a WIP until further notice.PR: #4209
Transaction gas estimation improvement means applications will automatically estimate gas for you before submitting it, open issue #4938
  • Interesting gas price related discussion on the forum
Inter-blockchain Communication
Just released, the latest version 1.0.0-rc2 of the IBC specification. It has been tagged and awaits review here.
Tendermint Core
We have created an issue to track our 6 month objectives, you can read them here, if you would like something included in this list, please leave a comment and we can see if it can be added. The interchain foundation has begun a rust implementation of Tendermint. The next minor release will be v0.32.3 and it will include:

• swagger API docs

• privval refactoring 

• bugfixes and minor improvements

If you would like to use rust to build an application now, we have a Tendermint Rust ABCI implementation, that is ready to be used.
New Tendermint Developer Sessions:
The team recently released a video discussing fork accountability. Three part series on Tendermint Lite Client:
Ethermint with ChainSafe

Github repository under active development, below is an itemized list of recent developments in the project.

Completed development:

  • Connected StateDB to EVM module Keeper to allow queries and txs to access Ethereum State

  • Connected web3 RPC API to Ethermint CLI and implemented some RPC queries

  • Updated CosmosSDK version to LTR 0.36.0

  • Implemented key generation for Ethereum specific keys to sign Ethereum transactions

  • Framework set up for EVM module

Upcoming development:

  • Implement remaining RPC endpoints

  • Complete handler logic for updating state from Ethereum transactions

  • Implement queries and txs through EVM module as an alternative to the web3 API

  • Complete EVM module to be usable in CosmosSDK applications

  • Update keeper and any additional data store to be able to perform all RPC requests/ transactions

  • Include state updates at the start and end of Tendermint blocks to replicate Ethereum state transition

Cosmos Community Security Hours
We will be hosting Cosmos community security hours every two weeks. You can find all the information on the Cosmos forum page.