Community pool tax discussion

At the time of this post, the Hub community pool has approximately $70,000,000 in it. Additionally, there have been numerous POL deals across Cosmos using community pool funds totaling in the millions that the Hub can pull back at any time.

The recent market downturn has made it look a little less impressive than it was a few months ago, but I think it’s safe to say that the Hub has plenty of money available to use at the community’s discretion. I haven’t ran the numbers personally, but there’s also some belief that the deployed POL funding could bring in a fair bit of revenue in the coming months/years.

As many of you surely remember, [PROPOSAL #88] [ACCEPTED] Increasing Hub Community Tax went through in December of 2022.

There are various initiatives coming up, such as Atom Wars, which will mobilize these funds for POL deals, and of course there are other things that the community pool can be used for, but how much is enough?

My question is simple: at what point should we consider lowering the tax?


If the tax for putting up capital to secure the network were removed, CP spends would no longer be a matter of community politics where validators and AAdao has to spend so much time justify spending delegator funds. Delegators would no longer feel like they should have some direct say in where CP funds are deployed because they arent their funds being spent by validator’s through governance.

Surprised this isn’t getting more engagement considering the amount of complaints I see about it these days.