Conclusion on the passed proposal #155

The passing of Proposal #155 in the Cosmos Hub is a significant achievement for our team. While we would have continued to invest in the Cosmos ecosystem regardless of the proposal’s outcome, the community’s support is valuable to us. At the very least, we are more convinced than ever that we are on the right track.

The past month has been challenging, but also exciting and fulfilling. It’s no secret that collaborating with an entire community can be difficult, but we appreciate the opportunity and would like to thank everyone who participated in the vote, including the 27,114 addresses that contributed to the quorum. We are also thankful for those who provided feedback, which allowed us to defend our product and demonstrate its usefulness to the ecosystem. We extend our appreciation to those who supported us by voting “YES”.

We are especially grateful to the Posthuman, Notional, and Stakecito teams for their unwavering assistance in promoting the proposal. We are thrilled to work alongside such teams that understand the value of contributions and are dedicated to improving the entire ecosystem together.

Although we were able to achieve a quorum in the Cosmos Hub, we fell short of seeing less then half stake envolved in voting. This highlights the need for more participation from individual addresses and validators in the development of the ecosystem.

While the proposal has passed, development continues. We aim to deliver the indexer in its best form as soon as possible to receive the community’s feedback and improve it further.

We’re not yet ready to put ourselves in line with such strong teams like Notional and Confio. However, we recognize our potential for growth and are ready to seize opportunities. We are also pleased that the #103 and #104 proposals have passed, and we trust that this decision will enhance the entire ecosystem.

In conclusion, we hope that Proposal #155 sets a precedent for supporting teams that are dedicated to making valuable contributions. We look forward to seeing more teams, both new and existing, who are dedicated to bringing quality solutions for the benefit of all.

P.S. Stay tuned for our commits, and submit issues. Let’s grow the ecosystem together! To infinity… and beyond!


Thank you for your post and congratulations.

Looking forward to seeing what you and your team will deliver, and am very hopeful that y’all will be able to work with other key teams on the Hub to solve product needs and enhance the experience for all building in and participating in the Cosmos ecosystem.

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